Refurbishment and extension of a former chapel, near Ormskirk, to create a new modern home.


The former Scarth Hill Mission Hall, previously converted and extended for use as a private house, has since been abandoned and fallen into dis-repair. The new owners have a bold vision to restore the Hall to its former glory, while also making it a viable 21st century home, that will secure the status of the building for generations to come. The key was to provide an architectural solution which respects the original building, while catering for the needs of modern living.


The overall principles of the approach have been to reinstate the main volume of the Chapel – the previous conversion had subdivided the space significantly, as well as introducing false ceilings, hiding the vaulted roof, and original trusses – to do this, a contemporary extension has been proposed to house the more cellular spaces needed in a home (bedroom, utility, bathroom, etc). This would be situated to the rear of the hall, replacing an earlier extension, built when the hall was originally converted. The design developed from a series of volumes that echoed the form of the Mission, stepping down in scale, so as to be visually sub-bordinate. This evolved into a more abstract, single volume, making use of the site levels to provide additional accommodation, without becoming an imposing structure in the landscape. The scheme is currently under consideration by the Local Planning Authority.


While this project has been challenging due to the sensitive nature of the site and building, working with a client who shares the same vision has resulted in an exciting and sensitive solution, which will be an asset to the rural architecture of the area.


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